Dandies vs Great Clips vs Supercuts

15 March 2024 | By Sheeza

Dandies vs Great Clips vs Supercuts

There are many options for getting your haircut in the US. The three most popular hair salons are Dandies, Supercuts and Great Clips. They all have their own pros and cons.Dandies is an ethical barbershop with a commitment on old school barbering. We offer straight razor shaves, beard trims and more by highly skilled local barbers. Our staff is friendly and we have been around since 2019. We also have a receptionist available 24 hours so you can always make an appointment with us no matter what time it is!

Great Clips is a national franchise that offers haircuts for cheap prices. They do not pay their hairdressers a living wage but instead pay minimum wage which does not cover all of their expenses as well as their families’ needs. Great Clips does not offer any additional services such as straight razor shaves or hot towel treatments like what you would find at Dandies Barbershop. They also close early compared to Dandies, who is open late night!

Supercuts is another national franchise that offers basic haircuts at a cheap price like Great Clips but they have limited hours compared to Dandies, who has open late nights!

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