Rated Best of the Best

Meet Dandies of Mountain View 

Singh & Kaur


Singh and Kaur warmly welcome you to Dandies Barbershop and Beard Stylist. We are a locally owned and operated community cooperative, committed to serving Mountain View and beyond. 

Anu Bhandari

Assistant to the Founders & Dandies

Anu Bhandari serves as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Dandies. Miss Bhandari oversees the finances and works with barbershop owners to provide assistance and customer service to its barbers and patrons. 

Anayatzin Amecuza 

VP of Learning and Development

 Ana is our in-house barber instructor, she is responsible for ensuring that the barbers at Dandies remain up-to-date with the latest market research, sanitation practices, disinfection methods and maintain the standards of Dandies.