What is cutting hair called?

14 February | By SZA

What is cutting hair called?

​When it comes to transforming our appearance, one of the most fundamental and impactful practices is getting a haircut. But have you ever pondered the technical term for the skillful act of trimming and shaping our locks? In this blog, we unravel the mystery and explore what cutting hair is called, shedding light on the art and science that goes into every snip of the scissors.

The Terminology

Hair Cutting: Let's start with the straightforward term – hair cutting. The act of trimming or reducing the length of hair is aptly referred to as hair cutting. This encompasses a variety of techniques and styles, from simple trims to complex layering.

Hairdressing: Often used interchangeably with hair cutting, hairdressing is a broader term that encompasses not only cutting but also styling, coloring, and various other aspects of hair care. Hairdressers are professionals skilled not just in cutting but in the overall artistry of hairstyling.

Coiffure: A more artistic and elaborate term, coiffure refers to the styling or arrangement of the hair. While it doesn't explicitly mention cutting, it encapsulates the entire process of manipulating hair to achieve a desired look.

Trichology: Delving into the science behind hair, trichology is the study of hair and scalp health. While not directly related to the act of cutting, understanding trichology is crucial for professionals who cut hair, ensuring they consider the health and integrity of the hair and scalp.

Cropping: This term is often used to describe a short and precise haircut. Crop cuts are characterized by close-cropped sides and back, giving a neat and tailored appearance.

So, what is cutting hair called? It can be as straightforward as "hair cutting" or as encompassing as "hairdressing." The terminology varies, reflecting the diverse skills and techniques involved in shaping our crowning glory. Whether you're opting for a simple trim or a bold new style, understanding the terms associated with cutting hair adds a layer of appreciation for the professionals who bring these transformations to life.

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