Efficient Daily Tasks Checklist for Barbers

Dandies Barber requires its staff to perform DAILY self-checks on tasks for the shop to run efficiently.

To facilitate this, we have created a self-checklist.

Staff is required to complete the following Tasks DAILY:

  1. put mobile phones in “silent mode” / “vibrate only” (at start of shift)

  2. arrive 15 minutes early (prior to first appointment)

  3. disinfect individual barber station and chair, as per state requirements (white towels only)

  4. place a clean black towel or a mat on the station

  5. refill Fresh barbicide jar(s) everyday

  6. setup tools at individual barber station

  7. Add black towels to towel warmer (minimum 6 towels) mixed with essential oils 

  8. Make sure the station is clean, broomed, no visible hair, do a test sit like a customer. 

  9. Deep cleaning the tools at the end of the day with soap and water

  10. Put back barber chair neck pad in after they use the chair and set chair facing inwards.

  11. Put back all tools back to where it belongs

  12. Restock drinks in reception room fridge 

  13. Restock towels in towels cabinet

  14. Check DIRTY Towels: Change laundry bag with soiled towels when bag is full

  15. Check Trash / Recycle: If any of those needs to be removed, take them out. 

  16. Clean one’s station thoroughly including drawers at the end of the day (White Towels Only)

  17. Mop your station and the room you are in. (Every Barber at end of the shift)

  18. Lock All Doors, Front and Backdoors. (Last Staff Member of the Day)