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The Professional Beard Trim

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As a man or woman in Mountain View, you have a plethora of options when it comes to getting a haircut. But when you want to look your best, you can trust Dandies Barbers. Dandies experienced stylist listens and consults with you to deliver a precision haircut. Trained and skilled barbers, intent on providing you with the absolute best barbershop experience around, will consult with you to create the exact look and style you are looking for. Topped off with our signature head massage. Dandies barbershop is an old-school traditional barbershop with modern view. Our barbershop supports all ethnicities, sexual-orientation and color, our barbershop welcomes women and man or any gender to our unisex barbershop. Come and enjoy and great cut at Dandies in Mountain View.

Professional Beard Trim

The Dandies Master Beard

25+ Years of Experience in maintaining long beards

With the ever-growing popularity of beards, it’s only natural that men need somewhere to go to make sure their facial hair is always looking great. At Dandies, we offer the luxurious services necessary to keep your beard looking its best so that you can feel confident, well-groomed, and clean. Dandies is Punjabi-Sikh Owned beard barbershop, Dandies Beard Stylist can help you shape your beard, organise, trim and line up with Straight Razor at your requested style or beard barber can help you decide the best look based on your face shape. We are the experts in beards! Beards are in our blood!

The Dandies Master Beard (Long Beards)

The Dandies Enhanced Beard

Beard Enhancement Color, Shape & Style

Introducing The Dandies Enhanced Beard: your destination for beard enhancement, shaping, and styling. Elevate your look with our specialized beard enhancement service, designed to give your facial hair a darker, sharper appearance reminiscent of your favorite rapper or sports player. Beard Enhancement is a temporary color that last 48-72 hours based on how often its washed. Our expert barbers utilize cutting-edge techniques to enhance your beard's natural beauty, ensuring it's perfectly shaped and styled to suit your preferences. Whether you're looking to achieve a rugged, masculine look or a sleek, sophisticated style, Dandies Enhanced Beard has you covered. Step into our shop and leave with a beard that commands attention and admiration.

The Dandies Enhanced Beard
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